Can Acupuncture Help with Persistent Muscle and Joint Pain?

The short answer is yes.

Acupuncture is a practice of medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues with needles, which is used to halt pain and treat various physical and mental conditions. Originating in ancient China about 5000 years ago, acupuncture is now widely practiced in the West. The needles are the width of a hair on your head.

Generally speaking they do not hurt when inserted, however if a muscle is tight or a joint has been inflamed for a period of time then there might be some soreness or pressure which quickly dissipates

The medical theory of acupuncture centers on the concept of qi energy (pronounced “chee”). Qi is said to flow through the body’s energy pathways, known as meridians. Meridians match certain organs or groups of organs. In Chinese medicine, disease is known to be caused by an imbalance of this energy’s flow through the meridians.

Qi can become blocked, which causes painful sensations or loss of function in various body parts. Acupuncturists insert the needles into specific acupoints on a body through the skin to restore balance. There are about 350 acupoints on a person.

Having muscle or joint pain can be debilitating, especially over time. It frequently becomes easier to avoid things one enjoys because the presence of pain subtracts from the pleasure of the activity. Western medicine, while becoming more accepting of acupuncture, still relies on pain medicine for chronic pain. These solutions tend to lose their effectiveness over time as tolerances to the medication are developed.

Acupuncture in the appropriate areas releases endorphins. Endorphins are your own body’s natural painkillers, which when released, will help you feel relaxed and more mobile. If muscles are too tight, or joints become impinged, acupuncture treatment can relieve the tension and release the muscle knots to restore normal functioning to the rest of the body.

Acupuncture is very good at releasing muscular tensions to help the body heal itself.
Regarding joint pain as in a knee injury, often acupuncture can relieve pain better than over the counter medicines for long term relief using the acupoints to see where pressure can be released. Additional benefits are increased mobility and less inflammation.

Acupuncture does not exist in a vacuum; in addition the treatments there are other lifestyle considerations to take into account.

These include:
• Nutritional and Dietary concerns
• Herbal Supplements

Coordinating therapies of the mind and body is what we do in order to allow you the best life possible. Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C. can address all these facets for you and your body.