Busy lives, the children and their activities, work and its responsibilities, the amountof things that need to be done and the amount of time needed to do them, oftentimes results in people feeling overwhelmed, stressed and out of sorts in both mind and body.

Karmabridge Acupunture & Herbals, P.C can help!

We often seek the feeling of contentment and being at one with the world and the people in it. Life, however, often has other plans in the form of flat tires on Monday mornings, overscheduled work meetings, and the amount of activities the children have signed up for.

At Karmabridge Acupuncture our multi-layer approach can work to rebuild and refocus your outlook on your very busy life.They take the time to examine your life; be it diet, allergies, overall health, both physical and emotional, and any medical concerns you may have.


Acupuncture, using hair-thin needles placed at various meridians of the body to open up pathways of energy (Qi), acupuncture can help with deep relaxation as well resetting your body for rest, digestion and recover functions. Acupuncture for health maintenance can keep your body in optimal form to prevent illnesses and discomfort. Cosmetic acupuncture that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen can boost your self-esteem and self-image, aiding with overall feelings of wellbeing,  and of course, if you struggle with chronic pain, chronic health conditions or are recovering from any kind of accident or surgery, acupuncture can greatly improver your overall wellbeing. 

Massage Therapy:

Massage Therapy starts with a discussion on your lifestyle and daily habits - from the shoes you wear, to how often you stand or sit, to what you sit on. Our in-house massage therapist takes the time to guide you toward new habits that can prevent the pain and stress you are there to relieve. Massage therapy can be focused on specific muscle groups to release tension and tightness. Massage is a fantastic tool for the relief of daily stress and discomfort including tension headaches and overall tightness. 

Nutritional Medicine:

We truly are what we eat. Good things come from a balanced diet. Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are all connected to what we eat. Learning what foods are beneficial for you and which foods to avoid is part of the process of your wellbeing. Ruth takes a wholistic view of your health, lifestyle and daily habits to helo you form a strategy for long term nutritional wellness.  

Herbal Medicine:

Herbal Medicine is the use of herbs under the watchful eye of an herbalist. Herbs come in many forms from dried, fresh, teas, lotions, oils or capsules. They oftentimes have fewer or no side effects, unlike manufactured drugs. Varous herbs can benefit various aspects of your wellbeing, from increased energy, to increased focus, and of course, addressing discomfort as a result of physical ailments can tremendously improve your overall well being. 

As you can see, Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C will see the ‘whole’ of you so that every part of your being can be on the road to a balanced, healthy life.