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Kevin Truszkowski, Massage Therapist

Kevin came to Karmabridge after Ruth received massage therapy from him while rehabilitating from a motorcycle accident. During the massage, she realized Kevin has the gift of listening to the client, seeing the body and interpreting where the body is failing to support the client. "It's as if he is listening to the body with his eyes and seeing the body with his hands, if you can imagine that." "It seems that Kevin understands the interconnectedness of each sinew, tendon, muscle and bone and makes it his business to reignite the body's wisdom to do what it is supposed to do, go where it's supposed to go and STOP HURTING along the way." Kevin assesses the body from a place of functionality. His initial assessment helps determine what focused work the body needs. He then begins to speak to the body with his hands to realign and soothe the communication pathways. In this way, the body connects with a therapeutic message enabling the client to feel better while healing and hastens the client's return to normal daily activities.

When Kevin was four years old, he was learning to ride his bicycle without training wheels. As the learning process goes, he fell quite often. His sister told him to rub the hurt areas until the pain went away. The rest is history!

Building on his childhood lesson, Kevin attended massage school at Health Options Institute in January of 2000. He completed the five hundred hour course in 2002 but stayed at school as an instructor until 2005. To date, Kevin has performed over seven thousand hours of massage therapy.

Kevin's goal for a massage therapy session is for his patients to become as pain free as possible. During a massage therapy session with Kevin, you can expect to learn why you feel like you do, and what you can do about it on your own. You will also have your posture assessed and your range of motion may be checked for troubled areas. Your massage will consist of gentle but effective massage modalities. After the massage, you will feel that you have more range of motion and fewer aches and pains. Some people say that they feel lighter, and others who have had pain for over thirty years say that their aches and pains have finally been addressed and they are now feeling great. Kevin strives to make you feel this way too.

If you are hurting, do yourself a favor and find out how Kevin can help. Book a therapeutic massage today!

"I felt that it was more like diagnosis and therapy than a massage. I feel great and am scheduling a few more sessions!" SK - Great Meadows

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Benefits of Massage

According to the Mayo Clinic, Studies Have Found Massage to be Helpful for:

Soft Tissue Strains or Injuries 

Digestive Disorders 

Sports Injuries

Temporomandibular Joint Pain


Myofascial Pain Syndrome


Insomnia Related to Stress


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