"The most intimate thing we do with our bodies is eat." - Jeffrey Yuen

Nutritional Medicine

At Karmabrdge, we individualize dietary programs for optimmal health and vitality utilizing the wisdom of Chinese Nutritional Medicine.

Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are all tied to what we eat. Experience the benefits of healthy nutrition and bring your body into balance while maintaining optimal health, weight, and performance. 

"The cooking of food is the highest of all human arts. It can create happiness or unhappiness, health or sickness, wisdom or ignorance, wealth or poverty, genius or foolishness, and even the higher and lower levels of humanity and spirit."

- Michio Kushi


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What Kind of Diet Recommendations Will be Made?

Our dietary intervention program focuses on the individual. Each person in our clinic is assessed as to his or her Chinese Medical diagnosis and dietary recommendations are made accordingly. Whole grains, organic foods and meats with no hormones or antibiotics are the staples.

We encourage our patients to get back to their roots and revisit our ancester's nutritional ways with food both in preparation and cooking.

What are the Benefits of Chinese Nutritional Medicine?

Our program regulates digestive functions, lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar, improves gall bladder function and improves overall immune function thereby increasing resistance to disease.

Additionally, it improves metabolic function, diminishes stress and promotes a sense of well-being. Hypnosis may be suggested as an adjunct therapy.

Nutritional Education & More

Education and counseling provide information and motivation for making lifestyle changes. This includes which foods to include and which to avoid.We offer dietary protocols (all supported by research) for treatment of high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, gastro-intestinal problems & depression. We offer other educational programs as well: smoking cessation, stress reduction, body conditioning and self healing.

I have been fighting an uphill battle with hypothyroidism for a few years now. Anyone who's been diagnosed knows that it takes a long time to get the medication levels right - it can seem like an eternity when you're exhausted every day as a result of your metabolism not functioning properly, and having my hypothyroidism occur just after the birth of my toddler, the baby weight was refusing to budge a pound in either direction. After meeting with Ruth and having a very thorough discussion about my lifestyle and situation, she suggested dietary changes. The results? I lost 35 pounds within four months and my PCP actually LOWERED my hypothyroid medication at my next checkup. I have energy - I have my health - and I have Ruth to thank! 

- Jillian Baker