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"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient, while nature cures the disease."
- Voltaire

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine filiform, sterile needles through particular points in the skin that are located along a system of channels, or meridians throughout the body. Ancient Chinese medicine believes that acupuncture affects the distribution of Yin & Yang in the meridians, bringing them into balance so that Qi (ch'i) or vital energy can flow freely and promote health.

Recent Western medical research has shown that acupuncture stimulates the production of natural pain-killing and other chemical substances, such as endorphins and seratonin. Additionally, the gate control theory of pain management indicates that acupuncture blocks transmission of pain to the brain.

What to Expect with Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture needles are very fine and solid; nothing is injected or removed through them. When the needle is inserted during treatment, there may be a brief, mild sensation of vibrating, pinching, or tingling. Most patients report a soothing feeling of relaxation during and after treatment. Acupuncture has a calming effect and adverse reactions are virtually unheard of. Acupuncture may be enhanced by heat, moxibustion (a form of heat therapy), tui na (Chinese massage), herbal prescriptions and other therapeutic exercises.

Commonly Treated Conditions

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Training & Licensing

~ Testimonial ~

I am a 71 year-old former Marine sergeant who has always been active in sports. I still go to the gym five days a week and play golf twice a week. The arthritic pain in my feet and ankle had gotten so severe, I was having to accept limited activity. Even my prescription Vicodin could not back off the pain and make it manageable.

Since beginning acupuncture with Ruth Karmazon three months ago, my pain has diminished to a point where I am functioning like I had 10 or 12 years ago. My energy level has greatly increased, and my pain is manageable again. My overall health and sense of well being have greatly increased. I heartily recommend Ms. Karmazon and her healing capabilities through the expertise she has acquired through the study of Chinese medicine.

-Robert R. of Washington, NJ

~ Testimonial ~

Testimonial When I was twenty-six, my husband and I started to discuss having children. I was nervous about this because I had an erratic menstrual cycle, and I wasn�t sure how this would impact our ability to get pregnant. Over the course of that year, my cycle went from erratic to non-existent. I actually did not have a natural period (without the help of prescribed progesterone) for three years. Obviously, we were not having success getting pregnant. Based on blood work, my doctor told me I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). At the time, it seemed like my only option was to start the fertility drug Clomid, and if that didn�t work, I would have to try more invasive fertility procedures. Although I wanted to get pregnant, I wanted to solve my problem even more. I decide to try acupuncture to stimulate the hormones I was lacking and restore my period. I was afraid that although fertility drugs would help me get pregnant, they would leave me with the same problem after I had a baby.
I met Ruth in December of 2005. I was twenty-nine, and I had not had a natural period in three years. I started with weekly acupuncture treatments, and I also started taking Chinese herbs. I had a �natural� period just three weeks after I started treatments with Ruth. I went on to have four periods in the next six months, and by the end of the sixth month, I was pregnant!

I kept up with my treatments during my pregnancy. I did not have any morning sickness, and anytime I had a pregnancy-related issue such as heartburn or a backache, my weekly acupuncture treatment would instantly make me feel better. I also enjoyed the �happy baby� treatments which occur in the first and third trimesters. When my son was born in February 2007, he was a happy baby and a very good baby. He did not fuss, slept through the night quickly and made his needs known if he was hungry or required a diaper change.

Acupuncture not only helped me get pregnant and alleviate pregnancy-related issues, but it also eliminated my PCOS. I started menstruating as soon as I stopped nursing my son, and I found myself pregnant again when my first son was just ten months old. I did not need acupuncture to get pregnant this time, but I did seek treatments during my pregnancy because I believe these treatments helped me to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy and happy baby the first time. I again had a beautiful baby boy, and my menstrual cycle came back the month after I stopped nursing him.

I quickly got pregnant again, and I had a third son (my third child in three years and three months!). I again enjoyed the benefits of acupuncture for all forty weeks of my pregnancy. My youngest son is now two years old, and I have had a regular menstrual cycle since I stopped nursing him. I no longer have PCOS. My treatments with Ruth not only helped me have my precious children, but they helped me achieve an improved state of health overall. I know that if I had sought out more traditional options, I would still be dealing with the symptoms of PCOS today. Ruth understood my situation from the moment I walked in the door, and her quick assessment of my issues and accurate treatment plan helped me to get the best results possible. I would absolutely recommend Ruth to anyone dealing with fertility issues. You will have all aspects of your issue addressed, and you will get results!

-SK of Great Meadows, NJ